Husband on a leash

When we moved into our new house, I didn't know that the blonde next door was
part of the amenities.  I don't know where her husband was - - if he exists -
- but she kept calling my husband over to help her with some project.  And
since I was going back to work in the next month, I knew something had to be

The solution was not around my town but when we went on vacation, I used the
Yellow Pages and internet and finally found the right place.  I had already
warned him that I was going to take stern measures so he should be ready for

We walked into the fetish-leather shop and a woman was in charge.  She was
the owner and sole employee, so my husband was stuck with her.  [I reminded him
that hhe would never see her again and that she wouldn't even know who he was,
so why worry?]   After I explained to her what I wanted, she told him to
remove his pants.  She measured his private parts in many ways and then went into
the back room to make it; se walked around the block ahd stopped in a few

An hour later, we returned and she again told him to strip, and then handed
me the finished product.  Just as I requested - - a ring to go over his cock
and down to the base, then attached straps which would go around the base of his
cock and under the balls.  There was a hole in the tongue of the buckle for a
small padlock.  And on both top and bottom there was a small ring.  It fit
perfectly.  She handed me a small padlock and the keys and I took the strap one
notch tighter and locked it.  n hour later, I checked to see if his cock was
turning blue.  It was not.  I made a mental note of which hole the buckle was

When we returned home, I took one of his pair of shorts and threaed a large
ring for keys onto the crotch and then soldered it shut.  Since he likes to go
out on our patio, he can do so while I am gone.  The same lock which secures
his little harness also locks onto the larger ring.  I take him out on the
patio and with a long thin chain, lock one end to that ring and the other to a
post on the patio.  He can move into the sun or the shade, and also to the
bathroom right inside the door.   But he cann't move more than a few feet off the

The first day he was out there, I heard the blonde calling to him to come
over to help her.  He called back that he couldn't.  No excuse given!  But I
wondered how long he can deny her requests before she comes over to see him.  And
he sure won't want her to see the secret so it's up to him to keep heaway.

[I'd love to figure out a way of getting her over here; do your readers have
any suggestons?]

On the next vacation, we went to the beach.  He likes to lie in the sun, I
like to swim.  So I took along one of these posts you screw into the ground for
a dog chain.  I screwed it into the sand and then he laid down on his stomach
with his crotch touching the post.  One padlock and his ring was secured to
the post.  Now I could go swimming.

And what about the ring on the top of his harness?  It might be good for
attaching a pair of handcuffs to, if he needs a little more restraint.  ight now,
we're doing fine; it's not only the chain but the possible embarrassment that
keeps him in line.