Antonio Di Gennaro´s
fantastic girls in

"The Prison of Shame"

a DVD by

The DVD shows the following episodes
The Drugdealer A young girl is arrested for dealing  with narcotics . She is stripped and  interrogated
Arrest of 3 Criminals Three girls are arrested at home and taken to prison 
The Medical Inspection A female prisoner undergoes a humiliating inspection
The Orange Prison Outfit The prisoner must wear an orange prison outfit and is handcuffed
The Lesbians Two lesbian women are put in a striped prison uniform and left alone in their cell ...
The Arrest A woman is arrested at her home and brought to the "Prison of Shame"
The Partisan A young woman is arrested by the Gestapo
Lubin Prison A female convict in her cell :
She is handcuffed and legironed all day long
Prisoner of War A girl is made prisoner by two soldiers

In this DVD you will find a lot of beautiful girls put in handcuffs, chains and legirons . 
They all get what they deserve : a long stay in the "Prison of Shame"

Pictures from the DVD

TOTAL PLAYING TIME :  60 minutes

Available as DVD
in PAL (European system) and NTSC (American System)

Price : 20 EURO

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