EVE - Secured in Steel

(Released  September 2003)

with our new model Eve from Germany


Screenshots from the video

 Eve is restrained with various "Rigid Cuffs" manufactured by Martin and she experiences the Handcuff /Legirons Combination by Clejuso .

Then you see her as a chained slave girl  wearing Heavy Weight Clejuso cuffs at wrists and ankles doing some domestic work . She is surprised by a guy from a Delivery Service who brings a parcel . She desperately tries to hide the fact that she is handcuffed and signs for the parcel  She carries her laundry to the garden and begins polishing the cuffs and restraints.

After her work she is allowed to rest in the living room  and drink a glass of wine still shackled and chained .

At the end she dreams of being a dangerous criminal in orange prison outfit , handcuffed and dragged away by the prison warden . Finally she is heavily shackled in a gloomy dungeon with the equipment produced by Steel-Bondage ( which you can order here )

This  video has a  total  playing time of  1 hour  and 2 minutes

Price : 20 EURO
( Postage by regular air mail  included )

To order the DVD mail me